Something for Everyone

The Best Water in the West

All pools, tubs and spas are drained and refilled daily.

We like it hot!

hotspingsOutdoor Pool & Patio

Natural mineral water flows out of the ground at 121 degrees. Pools are a flow-through system and are drained and refilled each day. No chemical or city water is added. Temperatures in the four outdoor pools range from 98-104° year-round.

Adult/General (Ages 12-54) – $17.00
Seniors (Ages 55+) & Kids (Ages 2 to 11) – $15.00
Infants (Under 2 years) – $7.50
*2-hour rate / Saunas included with all admissions / Additional two-hour increments can be purchased at the front desk at any time.

Carson Hot Springs Private PoolIndoor Private Pools

Our nine private pools are a great way to relax. Individual room pool temperatures range from 100-104 degrees and vary according to the natural flow of the spring. Private pools do not have a strict capacity limit, but comfortably accommodate groups of 4-5 people. Pricing is per person.

Adult/General (Ages 12-54) – $30 per person
Seniors (Ages 55+) – $28 per person
Children (Ages 2-11) – $20 per person
Infants (Under 2 years) – $10

Rate is for a two-hour soak and includes the use of outdoor pools, patio and sauna.

Additional two-hour increments can be purchased at the front desk at any time.

Double occupancy may be required in indoor pools at any time at management’s discretion.

NO RESERVATIONS are taken for indoor private pools. Space is available on a first- come, first-served basis. Walk-ins are encouraged and welcome.

hotspings-01-69-web-vertDiscounts and Swim Cards

10 Visit Swim Card (Adults) $140
10 Visit Swim Card (Seniors/Kids) $120
100 Visit Swim Card (Adults) $1200
100 Visit Swim Card (Seniors/Kids) $1000
* Swim Cards are for Outdoor Pools Only

carson-towelsTowels and Lockers

Complimentary towels are not provided. However, towels are available for rent. Lockers are provided. Padlocks can be purchased on site. Please do not leave personal property unattended. Carson Hot Springs will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.


What’s in Our Water?

Our water comes from 35,000 feet below the Earth’s surface. We believe we have the BEST water in the Sierra/Rocky Mountain chain of hot springs.

Elements of these waters, measured in milligrams per liter.

  • Sodium (435mg/L): All cells are bathed in sodium-containing fluids.
  • Sulfate (145mg/L): Forms molecular bridges to create firm protein in hair, nails, and skin. Rids the body of toxins. Helps to create smooth, clear skin. *If you find white particles floating in the water, they may be sulfate or sodium. Rub them on your skin to help keep skin looking young!
  • Chloride (145mg/L): Helps to balance the pH of the body. Activates enzymes in saliva.
  • Silica (33mg/L): Required for healthy hair, nails, bones, nerves, and mucous membranes.
  • Potassium (24mg/L): Helps muscles to function properly. Balances iron content in the blood and gives cells nutrients. Needed for nerve impulse transport. Releases energy from the fats, proteins, and carbohydrates we eat for use by the body.
  • Calcium (15mg/L): Helps to maintain strong teeth and bones. Needed for cell membrane structure and blood clotting. Helps the body to absorb vitamins B and D.
  • Flouride (11mg/L): Makes teeth strong and decay-resistant. Helps with bone maintenance.
  • Magnesium (3.2mg/L): Helps maintain strong bones and healthy nerve function. Essential part of protein synthesis. Releases energy from glycogen in the muscles. *You may see it as tiny dark-colored particles in the water.
  • Lithium (1.3mg/L): Increases tranquil mood.
  • Trace elements: Iron, Manganese, Zinc, and Arsenic.