Our History

Since the late nineteenth century, hot springs resorts have been very fashionable in this country. Bathers around the world have for centuries had great faith in the curative properties of thermal spring water; great spas have retained their popularity to this day. 

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    The spring is used in its natural state by the Washoe people and some settlers, some of whom are making their way to the California Gold Rush.

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    Thomas Swift purchases and renames it “Swift’s Hot Springs.” Swift builds bathhouses, a clubhouse and a hotel with rates of $10 to $14 per week.

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    James Shaw purchases the springs and renames it “Shaw’s Warm Springs.”

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    Shaw builds a “plunge,” called the largest in the state.

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    The resort begins bottling and selling a new mineral water.

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    The resort gains new status as opera star Miss Gracie stays at the resort.

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    James J. Corbett

    Gentleman Jim Corbett, a renowned professional prizefighter, trains and fights here.

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    1930s Gazette Advertisement

    The springs receives the name it still holds today – Carson Hot Springs. A road is completed between the city and the resort. It continues to receive praise for having the finest water available.

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    Prohibition is in effect. The spring is raided by a federal officer in hopes of uncovering a still.

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    1930s - 1940s

    The resort becomes a popular place for dancing to the sounds of the big bands.

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    We Like it Hot at Carson Hot Springs Resort

    Don Richard Langson purchases the springs and resort.

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    Richard and Michele continue to own and operate Carson Hot Springs.

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    The historical restaurant and bar are renovated.

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    Water therapy and exercise programs begin.

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    A new product is introduced, Sierra Mist Spring Water, in convenient 1 1/2-liter sizes to compliment the existing line of 2 1/2-liter and 1-gallon sizes of Hot Springs Water.

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    A group of investors headed by Mark Begich of Anchorage, Alaska, purchases the springs with the goal of bringing it back to its glory days. Improvements include the addition of two small jetted pools, remodeled restrooms,  dressing rooms, and remodeled soaking tubs.

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    Sassafras Eclectic Food Joint and the Shoe Tree Brewery open on the property. 

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    Three new pools are added to the property.

Carson City is the Hub of Northern Nevada

Carson City, Nevada boasts an array of outdoor adventures, fine restaurants, challenging golf courses, historical attractions, museums, gaming opportunities, and a plethora of events and entertainment. Visitors will find plenty of exciting activities and experiences to choose from. The heart of the action – Carson City – is nestled just minutes from world-famous Lake Tahoe, electrifying Reno, historic Virginia City and the majestic Sierra Nevada mountain range.

Carson City statistics:

  • Population is 59,000.
  • Approximately 153 square miles in area.
  • Less than a 30-minute drive to Reno, Virginia City, Lake Tahoe, and many other historical areas
  • Average rainfall is 11 inches, average snowfall is 22 inches.
  • 4,687 feet above sea level.

Carson City in Pictures

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Physical Address:
1500 Old Hot Springs Road
Carson City, Nevada 89706