Our 2 Hour Rates

Hot Springs Outdoor Pools – Outdoor Pool & Patio
Adult/General – $15 per person
Seniors – $13 per person
Kids – $13 per person

Hot Springs Private Indoor Pools + Outdoor Pools
Adults/General – $28 per person
Seniors – $25 per person
Kids – $20 per person
*This admission also includes outdoor pools 

Discounts and Swim Cards Available
10 Visit Swim Card (adults) – $120
10 Visit Swim Card (seniors) – $100
100 Visit Swim Card (adults) – $1000
100 Visit Swim Card (seniors) – $900

* Adults/General: Ages 12 – 54
* Seniors: Ages 55 and older 
* Kids: Ages 11 and younger

Saunas are NOW OPEN and are included with all admissions.

Safety Guidelines & Important Information

All guests must read and agree to our Waiver and Release at check-in.  Read the Waiver and Release here »

We have new opening hours from 8am – 9pm

We DO NOT allow alcohol or coolers at the hot springs. We ask that you please enjoy alcohol on site at the restaurant and brewery.

NO RESERVATIONS are taken for the private spa rooms, we offer a first-come-first-served basis, walk-ins are encouraged and welcome.

Common areas are for everyone to share, we can not accommodate unannounced parties and celebrations that include balloons, decorations, music or food set up for an exclusive group. We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment this policy may cause.

We reserve the right to close pools during business hours for cleaning and water conservation.

Open Daily, 8 AM - 9 PM



Physical Address:
1500 Old Hot Springs Road
Carson City, Nevada 89706